This is the lab book we created as our methodology for collecting responses on beauty in 12 Last Songs. The same template with tiny adaptations was given to the science participants. 

This approach was inspired by the ways Rox uses lab books within her research processes, and Quarantine’s practice of asking questions about everyday life within the frame of performance. In 12 Last Songs, across 12-hours, we ask 600 questions to around 30 workers from that city,  who respond to these for the first time live on stage. The day begins with Q1: “how are you?” and spans everything from Q26. ‘when does your working day usually start?’ to Q91. ‘how do you think the world began?’ to Q427. ‘what is your simple pleasure?’ to Q593. ‘who will be there when you get home tonight?’. In response to these, Rox created a similar series of questions about material science. And then all together, we came up with a set of research questions to ask participants, who act in this project as experts on the experience of beauty.  

The lab books were printed and filled out on paper, by hand, rather than online. We’ve digitalised some of the responses on this website, and you can also see a selection of the handwritten/drawn pages from completed books here